Capac Road Water Main

Client: Wayne O’Neal
Location: Imlay City, Michigan
Project Duration: 10 Months

Project Cost: $584,660.00
Key Personnel: Eric J. Ostling, PE; Tom Paton, ET


The City of Imlay City experienced low water pressures and flows along Capac Road in a commercial and residential district. Old 4 and 6-inch diameter water mains were replaced with 12-inch diameter water main, connecting to the laterals on the side streets, and connecting to dead ends elsewhere, to create a “loop” in the water system. Closing loops in the system improves reliability; if some part of the water system has a break or must be isolated for repair, there is service from elsewhere in the system.


The project area was Capac Road (a.k.a. Imlay City Road) from M-53/Van Dyke Avenue (a.k.a. Cedar Street), west to Townsend Drive, and included ancillary work on the lateral streets of Almont Avenue, Bancroft Street and Main Street.


Huron was involved in all aspects of the project from inception to project closeout: Huron provided the topographic survey and compiled the City’s records and franchise utilities’ records to produce the base map; designed the construction plans; assisted the City in obtaining permits; produced and distributed the contract documents and technical specifications to bidders; administered the bidding process; interviewed the bidders and recommended contract award; managed the construction contract; provided construction survey for the layout of the improvements; inspected the Contractors’ work to assure compliance with the contract; prepared and distributed change orders, pay estimates and punch lists, culminating in the final walk-through and project closeout.

Construction improvements included removal or abandoning of over 2000 feet of existing water main, installation of 3,690 feet of 12-inch ductile iron water main, 150 feet of boring and jacking in steel casings, 9 gate valves, 10 fire hydrant assemblies, water services, and other appurtenances. There were some drainage pipes that were removed and replaced or shored up during construction operations. Many driveways and portions of private and public roads required open cutting and restoration.

Special Features

The installation of the water main required boring and jacking under M-53/Cedar Street, and under the North Branch of the Bell River. Huron assisted the City, submitting applications and obtaining the permits from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) for those crossings.



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