Macomb County

Client: Macomb County
Location: Mount Clemens, Michigan
Project Duration: 4 Years

Project Cost: $192,400.00
Key Personnel: Daren McLaughlin, CHMM, CPEA


Huron was retained by Macomb County to conduct due diligence activities at properties having “recognized environmental conditions” (RECs). Huron completed a Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA and Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) at two separate properties. Subsequent building abatement and demolition activities, and the generation of a due care plan were also completed. The properties were then transformed into a parking lot for use by County employees and visitors.


The former Bell Forklift and former Muffler Man properties were located adjacent to the Macomb County Administration Building in downtown Mount Clemens, Michigan.


Huron Consultants was retained to conduct a Phase I ESA for the former Bell Forklift property. The Phase I ESA identified several RECs related to former use of the property, as well as indoor air quality issues. A Phase II ESA was performed, and the property was found to be a “facility” as defined in Part 201 of MI PA 451 of 1994, as amended. A BEA was performed to provide environmental liability protection for Macomb County. The BEA was submitted to the MDEQ with a request for determination; the MDEQ responded to the request in a letter indicated that the BEA was affirmed. Due diligence activities were also conducted for the former Muffler Man property, located adjacent to the Bell Forklift property. The results of the Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA, and BEA were similar, with a Category N BEA submitted to the MDEQ by determination, resulting in an affirmation of the BEA.

Special Features

Subsequent to affirmation of the BEA’s, a Due Care Plan was prepared for Macomb County. Huron also prepared specifications for the demolition of the buildings and abatement of asbestos containing materials and other hazardous materials identified in the buildings. Huron managed the abatement and demolition activities on behalf of Macomb County, and also provided construction quality control services during restoration of the site after the buildings were demolished.



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