New Haven High School Pathway

Client: New Haven Schools
Location: New Haven, Michigan
Project Duration: 1 Year

Project Cost: $20,000.00
Key Personnel: Sermed K. Saif, PE


The proposed pathway was necessary to provide a safer route to students along Gratiot Avenue, a 55 MPH speed limit, and to connect to existing pathways north and south of the school property.


The pathway was located along the east side of Gratiot Avenue north of New Haven Road covering the entire High School frontage.


Provided project management, design and construction engineering services for the proposed 7,500 SF of concrete pathway, 430 SF of ADA ramps, 106 SF of ADA detectable warning tiles, 1,200 LF of 6” PVC underdrains, and restoration.

Special Features

The pathway was proposed as part of a Value Engineering application to the sewer construction project in the area resulting in considerable savings to the project. In addition, provided project design and construction coordination in the vicinity of an existing International Transmission Company (ITC) tower and high pressure gas main.



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