Porrett’s Service

Client: Macomb County
Location: Port Huron, Michigan
Project Duration: 4 years
Project Cost: $192,400.00


This site had been an open leaking underground storage tank (LUST) site since 1994. Huron Consultants was retained to close this LUST site. Huron Consultants obtained prior environmental reports and other data to gain an understanding of site environmental conditions. Based on the data reviewed, Huron Consultants developed a site investigation program to obtain current environmental data, as well as to determine the extent of the petroleum contamination at the site.

Special Features

Based on the findings of Huron’s site investigation, as well as previous environmental data, Huron performed a risk-based corrective action (RBCA) evaluation. The RBCA evaluation included determining site-specific target levels (SSTLs) for use in evaluation of the site based on site-specific geologic and hydrogeologic conditions. The RBCA evaluation allowed for closure of the LUST site in 2006.



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