Port Huron Bancroft Warehouse

Client: The City of Port Huron
Location: Port Huron, Michigan
Project Duration: 2 Years, 4 months

Project Cost: $290,000.00


The City of Port Huron had a fueling station at their Bancroft Warehouse that included two 10,000-gallon regulated underground storage tanks (USTs). The City was having operational problems with the UST system and decided to have the entire system removed and replaced with a new system.


The Bancroft Warehouse is located in the City of Port Huron.


Huron Consultants was retained to design a new system and prepare plans and specifications for removal of the former system and replacement with the new system. The new system included one 20,000-gallon UST with two compartments for fuel storage, fuel dispenser, new dispensing island, new fuel management and leak detection systems, and all new system components. Upon completion of the design and bidding documents, the project was publicly advertised to obtain competitive bids for the project construction.

Special Features

Huron provided oversight and coordination services during the construction. Huron also provided environmental assessment and sampling services following removal of the former USTs. Based on the assessment performed, approximately 2,000 cubic yards of petroleum impacted soil were removed for disposal at a licensed waste disposal facility to remediate the Bancroft Warehouse site. Huron provided supplemental environmental services in accordance with Part 213 guidelines to obtain a LUST closure for the site.



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