St. Clair County Community College

Client: St. Clair County Community College
Location: Port Huron, Michigan
Project Duration: 1 Year, 9 months

Project Cost: $965,500.00
Key Personnel: Eric J. Ostling, PE


Huron Consultants became involved in the project when the College requested their Architect to find an engineer that would incorporate progressive green technologies into the replacement of a large portion of the on-campus parking lots. Rather than a standard pavement removal and replacement project that would leave the existing sterile concrete islands and vast expanses of asphalt, the College embraced the idea of increasing the green areas. The parking lots previously had drained to catch basins, and storm water runoff was piped directly to the Black River, adjacent to the campus. Huron designed the project to eliminate the concrete islands, replacing them with bio-retention swales. The parking drainage was redirected to the bio-retention swales in the islands, and to bio-retention swales and rain gardens around the perimeter of the parking lot areas, for storm water treatment through vegetative filtration and percolation into the ground. Recharging the ground water was important for the transfer of heat for a geothermal system, which the College installed beneath the parking lots. The configurations of the parking lots were reorganized to preserve the overall existing traffic patterns, but traffic calming techniques were incorporated, such as concrete strips across the asphalt drives to provide textural and audible differences in the surfaces, designed to focus drivers on the task at hand and reduce distractions. Bump-out islands were added at the ends of all parking lanes, to highlight the required stops. Foot traffic was also addressed, with sidewalks connecting campus buildings and open spaces with safe walking areas away from vehicular traffic.


The project is located on the SC4 campus in the City of Port Huron, along the north shore of the Black River. The parking lot was completely reconstructed directly adjacent to the river, at the Main Building, located at 323 Erie Street. The west half of the largest on-campus parking lot was reconstructed at the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Stone Street.


Huron was integral to the planning and design of the civil site improvements, assisted the College with bidding the project, provided construction materials testing and construction inspection for the civil site improvements such as earthwork, underground utilities, storm drainage, pavements and sidewalks. The project included 3.6 acres of hot mix asphalt pavement reconstruction, 4635 syd of concrete pavements, 6175 ft of concrete curb and gutter, 4000 ft of storm drainage pipe and appurtenances, 2.30 acres of bio-retention swale, rain garden and other landscape areas.

Special Features

Coordination of planning, engineering design and construction management with architect, other design consultants, St. Clair County, the City of Port Huron, other utility companies, and State and Federal agencies. Assisted the prime construction manager with construction inspection and material testing for the civil site improvements.



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