Thompson-Phelan Group

Client: Thompson-Phelan Group
Location: New Baltimore, Michigan
Project Duration: 4 Months


Huron was retained by the Thompson-Phelan Group, on behalf of E&A Credit Union, to conduct due diligence activities at a former funeral home property prior to development of the property as a future E&A Credit Union banking location. Huron completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), Phase II ESA and Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) at the facility. The generation of a Section 20107a Compliance Analysis (Due Care Plan) was also completed, in addition to providing due care oversight during construction activities on the property.


The proposed E&A Credit Union was located near the intersection of Main Street and M-29 (23 Mile Road) in New Baltimore, Michigan. The property was a vacant parcel of land, historically operated as a funeral home.


The Thompson-Phelan Group and E&A Credit Union retained Huron Consultants to provide due diligence consulting and manage environmental liability protection associated with the acquisition and development of commercial property. A Phase I ESA was conducted in accordance with All Appropriate Inquiry Rule 40 CFR 312 and ASTM E1527-05. The Phase I ESA identified several Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) related to former use, storage and handling of hazardous materials at the property. In addition, the adjoining property was a former leaking underground storage tank (LUST) site with documented release of petroleum and the potential for offsite migration. A Phase II ESA was performed, including the installation of soil borings and monitoring wells to facilitate soil and groundwater sample collection and laboratory analysis. The property was confirmed to be a “facility” as defined in Part 201 of MI PA 451 of 1994, as amended, based on the presence of contamination at levels greater than Generic Residential Cleanup Criteria. A BEA was completed and submitted to the MDEQ within required timeframes to provide environmental liability protection for the E&A Credit Union.

Special Features

Huron Consultants worked closely with the both the prospective purchaser and the developer to ensure construction timelines were met and to ensure environmental liability issues were properly managed. Due to the subsurface contamination identified, a Due Care Plan was completed, providing recommendations related to subsurface activities associated with the proposed construction at the site. Huron provided onsite field screening, sample collection and laboratory analysis during subsurface construction activities to manage due care responsibilities during site construction.



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