Huron Consultants Partners with Yeoman Group

November 1, 2012 – Northville, Michigan – The Yeoman Group, a recognized leader in Environmental Consulting and Risk Management Services, is excited to announce a formal partnership with Michigan-based Huron Consultants, which will allow us to continue providing high quality environmental and risk management services with the added capability to offer a broad group of complimentary environmental as well as civil engineering, surveying and real estate/private development consulting related services, greatly enhancing our diversity and available resources. For several years, we have been searching for a strategic partner firm that not only compliments our existing level of services and resources, but also is a good fit with our existing clients. Our now formalized relationship with Huron Consultants allows us to expand into exciting new business sectors including private and public sector engineering and land development, as well as enhancing our existing capabilities in specialized environmental service areas such as Brownfield Redevelopment.

Since the founding of Yeoman Group over 15 years ago, we have continually emphasized providing Environmental Risk Management services on-time and at competitive rates. As we join forces with Huron Consultants, their business model fits very well from both a business culture and historical commitment to quality and value-added client-focused service. Coincidentally, Huron is also celebrating over 15 years in business as well.

This summary contains questions many of you may be asking about this transition:

1. Will there be any major leadership or organizational changes at Yeoman Group?
No. Linda Brandis will continue to provide the same client-focused services you’ve always expected. In addition, Mark Bonaventura will take on an enhanced role assisting with administrative and additional office-related duties.

2. Who will transition into David Switzer’s role as Risk Manager?
David Switzer will continue working toward his overall goal of retirement, but not until he has successfully assisted with the transition of his Colleague, Mr. Nicholas Maloof, also an attorney, into the position of Risk Manager and ultimately providing the overall technical oversight that Dave brings to Yeoman Group.

3. Will Yeoman Group’s services change?
Yeoman Group’s meticulous search over the past several years to find a strategic partner that can offer the same disciplines as you have enjoyed for years has brought us to one company, Huron Consultants. Huron Consultants also has engineers, environmental professionals and legal counsel on-staff that can support you in any way you may have a need for.

4. Will Yeoman Group still offer assistance with my environmental policy and training services?
Yes, many of our clients may already know and have worked with Nicholas Maloof, who has over twenty years of experience with environmental consulting, risk management and is widely considered an expert in the field of Brownfield Redevelopment.

5. Will Yeoman Group continue providing the same selection of environmental risk management services?
Yes! In fact, in addition to our traditional service offering, our new relationship will allow for expanded environmental service coverage into areas involving environmental Brownfield Redevelopment, pre-development feasibility studies, and LEED/sustainable development consulting services involving water quality, energy and building construction. Traditional civil, geotechnical, structural and construction engineering, architectural, and site surveying services can also be offered dependent on the unique needs of your project. Our hope is that you recognize our “project-life cycle” service approach that allows our team to effectively take your project from the initial conception phase through completion and post completion management.

6. How will this change affect Yeoman’s service pricing?
We do not expect any changes in our current pricing and fee schedules. One of the many reasons why Huron Consultants was the right choice is because of our compatibility regarding fees. In fact, Huron’s fees are extremely competitive concerning the additional services they provide. Therefore, we expect to continue to offer competitive pricing and value as we expand our services to support your needs.

7. How will our day-to-day interaction with Yeoman Group change?
There should be no noticeable difference or change in how you work with or interact with Yeoman Group. You will still contact us just as you have in the past, either by phone, email or web ordering. We will continue to invoice and accept payments out of our Northville office as usual.

8. What is the future of Yeoman Group moving forward?
Not only are we preserving what you like about us today, like our Northville location, access to our experienced team, etc., but we expect to find additional, enhanced methods to support you as we integrate the technical expertise and diversity of services offered by Huron Consultants. We feel with this new business connection, we can continue to offer the best of what Yeoman provides while also adding new, value-added services typically offered by larger, full- service consulting firms.

9. Should I expect any future changes in how I contact Yeoman?
Our Northville office number will stay the same (248-349-8363). All of our current employees will continue in the same office, will utilize the same cell phone numbers and email addresses. Our invoicing and payment address will also remain the same.

10. What changes should I expect?
We will be changing our tax ID number; so, we will be forwarding new W-9s for clients requiring these for their file.

11. How can I learn more about the exciting new services Yeoman Group will offer?
Linda Brandis will plan on setting up meetings with all Yeoman Group clients that wish to be introduced to key Huron Consultant’s personnel. In addition, we will update our marketing literature and website to show the new services and capabilities and how these may benefit you.

We look forward to our continued relationship with you and will see you very soon.